Anonymous asked: omigosh we have missed you!!

Seriously? Woah, thankyou!

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Anonymous asked: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Oh hehe well I’ve been off at school! ^/////^

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Oh why, hello ;)

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Good morning Columbine


Good morning Columbine
I’ll get to my agenda
Fourth Period, Jesus Christ
I’m the one you terrorize

I’m too tired and it’s late
To have this conversation
Zone into destruction
The whole world ignores me

So I’ll stand nor wait
I’m born of all your hate
‘Cause in the hallways

Nobody thinks about me
Nobody thinks about me
Nobody thinks about me
Nobody thinks about me

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I just saw food on my dash and started crying

then I started histerically laughing

wtf is wrong with me..

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all Columbiners should recognize this song

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Tonight, on Fox News at 9:


Holmies, a group of preteen serial killers in training from various corn fields of the world who worship the super cereal killer James Holmes, who gunned down 24 people and 9 children during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises Like Jesus.  They like to eat human flesh and rub Slurpee juice all over themselves.  Please watch your children as these “holmies” have been prone to kidnapping them and dying their hair orange.  They also steal plaid shirts from god-fearing, law-abiding citizens, and slap random 6 year olds while urinating on the American flag during Church. They tell torrid tales of masturbating to pictures of dismembered American kittens and photoshop Holmes’ pictures onto historical monuments and pornography while setting up charities to buy James Holmes a slurpee machine.  If you see a Holmie on the street, we are asking you not to approach them, as their motto is to steal all “soul penetrating eyes” for their shrine at the Century 16 theater crime scene.  Please beware. So hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands, because they are also raping everyone out here tonight.

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Guyss :)

Hello! WE’RE BACK! :D



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omg. this smile…i can’t breathe 

Someone needs to resuscitate me. I’m pretty sure I have stopped breathing all together. 

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